We’re a dedicated team of web designers led by Hans Stammel – who’s been a creative visual person all his (working) live & has been on the keyboard putting together websites since 1995.We work as a front-end developers and back end coders from our studios at San Remo Beach

We handcraft CSS & HTML documents. Our geeks handle php, mySQL, Javascript & jQuery. And you should not be surprised if we told you that we fell in love with HTML5 & CSS3 and of course – Responsive Design.

As HTML evolves we get involved and explore the new and sometimes also reject (eg – not implement) some new ideas – it’s the many years of experience that has tought us to be selective.
– If you look at our work you will notice that we have never been a big lover of FLASH

Check out our work and we look forward to chatting about your project and ideas.
we collect files …..
… anything we can find in fact

….. and old photo and film gear, computers, type writers, shells & anything that washes up on the beach ….

… aahhh – who cares – the list just goes on and on !

AVIP [WA] & Cyber Loft Design
providing complete online solutions
from small individual web pages
to large corporate websites
static online brochures – or
dynamic – database driven
Content Management &
e-commerce Solutions
and e-mail services

We believe:

Mediocrity is inexcusable
Communications that people don’t understand
are a waste of money and valuable resources
Working as part of the client’s team is essential
Fun & innovation are as important as value for money

We’re in business for three reasons:

To make a profitable difference to your business
To make a profitable difference to our business
To have fun doing what we are doing for you