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This is the "Home" Page for this Demo of CMSimple

The H1, H2 & H3 tags (under Format DropDown) are used to createAardVark


  • H1 - a New 'Parent' Page is created
  • H2 - a new 'Child' Sub-Page under a H1 page is created
  • H3 -  a new 'Child' Sub-Sub-Page under a H2 page is created


All content of the whole set is stored in 1 (one) single HTML (php) page
No Database is used for this CMS !

If you hit the "Enter" key a new Paragrah is created
If you hold down the "Shift" key and hit "Enter" a new Line is created Like this under the last line.

You can edit the page(s) via HTML code (HTML button in Edit mode)

When you are done - Don't forget to hit the "Save" button
(top row 1st button on left)

OK - that's it

Enjoy the Demo
:-) Hans
9581 7575

CMSimple (XH) Demo website