Graffiti is the presentation of an art by making a design on a surface whether writing or drawing. These styles are mostly viewed in public in the form of simple words to make understanding of a wall painting. This art can be produced by scratching, scrawling or painting some images or designs.
Graffiti art may also call street art, subway art or aerosol art. This technique is used to décor the urban environment by using aerosol spray paints. In ancient time the different images and designs were made through a chalk or a coal on rocks and walls. In recent times this art is designed through different paints, aerosol cans, chalks, markers and stencils draw different styles.

Some types and techniques

Some types and techniques of Graffiti Art include the street gang art, political protest art and anarchist street art. Whereas the techniques include Tagging or signature, Throw-up, Piece, Top to bottom, Blockbuster or roller, Wild style, Heaven, Tree Graffiti, Hip-Hop, Poster and Stencil Graffiti technique.
To start Graffiti art first uses some letters than go for some complicated work. Try to develop your own art you may use pencils and pens on a sketch book.

Mural Wall Painting

The mural is a painting technique that can be applied to a integral surface of the ceiling or any wall. It’s quite different from other painting styles or pictorial art. It covers fresco, mosaic, photography, encaustic and stained glass techniques. It is a three dimensional painting technique. It can be directly applied or can be painted through a canvas that is later fixed to a wall. To paint a mural painting the angle must be judged where the painting will be seen.

Interior Wall Painting

In ancient time in Renaissance, fresco and Baroque eras and after 16th century, this painting was used to fix the wall and painters do it with oil on a canvas. In recent tie the indoor paintings on the wall are also painted through oil by using the polymer colors. While Fresco method involves using the dry plaster with a binding medium to fix it into a plaster by using any oil or glue or egg. And the colors mix slightly in the dry plaster, however this technique was changed later.

Exterior Mural Painting

Within a rise into the graffiti art after the growth in the urban landscapes, the mural art on exterior walls increased commonly in cities. And traditionally exterior wall painting executes in the colored cement. And now murals are painted directly on the walls with numerous layers protected through acrylic glaze or varnish. And also fist painted on canvas than spread on walls.
For selecting a mural painting, it’s important to select a right type of paint, technique and style of the artist is also considered. For interior and exterior mural painting the most durable paint is an Acrylic paint that stays longer in any environment like rain, heat, pollution, etc. You have to use some decent brushes that are quite harder for work.

Canvas Art

The word canvas means a fabric which is used as a painting surface. It is made up of a linen fabric or a cotton fabric. Canvas Art is printing images on a canvas fabric which is stretched on a frame. The canvas prints are usually made to design the interior with customized images or photographs by using acrylic or oil paints. It is a traditional method to display a photograph.
Choose a perfect image to print on canvas. A pine-wood may use for the frame’s purpose of the canvas, cotton the internal frame should be 5cm thick. For portraits, detailed subjects or still life cotton is ideal to paint with acrylic, oil or alkyd paint colors. It takes a long time to dry about 24 hours.

Prism eye contemporary art print

Contemporary art is an art made by artist live living today by focusing on present moments and making something new. The artists focus on exploring the new technology. Prism focuses on the autonomous drawing into art areas often off the wall or without frame like a glass prism. It may include sculpture, paintings and drawing. This art lies between the art and non art and have no any stylistic features.
It’s an idea whether social or abstract or expressive and sometimes like a documentary. It can be designed by linking art and other subjects by focusing important issues in the society. It differs from modern and traditional art methods. It’s a mixture of materials, concepts, objects and methods without any traditional boundaries.


Fantasy art

Fantasy art is a universal language that focuses on the mysteries of life and some unseen forces. It’s a theme based art in which artists make photos in to anime that concern with magical, mythological and supernatural themes. It is said to be a painting, photograph or an installation. The history comes from Greek mythology, the Chinese folklore, African voodoo and many other cultural traditions and magic. It includes drawing and painting fantasy landscapes, cityscapes, fantasy beasts and figure. It has important in magic realistic art, romantic art, mannerism and symbolism. Every picture made by artists tells a story.