How often should you blog? This is a question were posed at least once a week and most of the time its easy to provide an anecdotal response (based on experience).

Thanks to the guys at HubSpot, we now have access to some of the blogging data compiled from their 13,500 customer database.

To help you digest some of the key themes from HubSpots benchmark data, we have compiled an infographic which illustrates these ideas:

1. Blog more than 16x per month to bump your traffic

2. Blogging more than 16x per month results in more leads

3. Having more blogs on your website evidently results in more leads.

What has your company experience been with blogging? Please share your insights in the comments section below.

Last year when we compiled our insights on what Australian content marketers need to do we discovered the following key points:

1. 52% of Australian businesses have a documented content strategy

2. Social media content and articles on your own website are the two dominant content marketing tactics used by businesses.

3. Website traffic and social media sharing are the two of the top content marketing metrics

4. Lack of time sat at the top of the list when it comes to content marketing challenges.
Whats changed in 2015?

Content Marketing Strategy Not Documented

For starters, those marketers with a documented content marketing strategy deem themselves as being effective with their overall content marketing efforts. Surprisingly, the % of businesses with a documented content marketing strategy has declined from last year (37% this year vs 52% last year).

The Same Tactics Lead the Way

Social media content and articles on the business website remain as the top two tactics which marketers rely on. In saying that, blog usage actually declined from last year (80% down to 68%), but our internal favorite tactic, infographics went up from 43% to 61%. Gotta love visual content!

Engaging Content and Budget are the biggest challenges

The 2014 study found lack of time (66%) and the ability to produce engaging content (44%) were the biggest challenges, but this time around engaging content has jumped up to 50% but companies also need a larger budget (38% in 2014 to 48% in the current study).

Speaking of CREATING YOUR OWN INFOGRAPHICS, we know how much marketers (both Australian and worldwide) love infographics, heres our version which summarises the key insights in our opinion from Content Marketing Institutes 2015 research study.